Quality - The Key to Our Products

We know and we believe in the importance of using quality materials, which is why we insist on carrying famous brands by reputable manufacturers. Our products will give you a peace of mind after installation - something that money just can't buy.

Rinco (Taiwan) The perfect balance between quality and price, Rinco has been the brand of choice for thousands of projects over the last 30 years.

Brandoni (Italy) Since 1961, Brandoni has been a leading manufacturer in Italy of ball, gate, globe, check and butterfly valves for HVAC, plumbing and sanitation systems.

IMI TA (UK) TA invented the world's first balancing valve nearly 70 years ago, and continues to be the leading innovator in hydronic balancing solutions, including a full range of PIBCVs.

FDI (USA) FDI is the number-one selling brand of automatic balancing valves in America.

Nenutec (Switzerland) Nenutec is known for applying Swiss manufacturing precision to control valves and accessories.

Regin (Sweden) Regin is the challenger in building automation equipment such as control valves, thermostats, sensors and BMS.

Unival (Germany) Manufacturers of fine thermometers and pressure gauges for chilled water systems, Unival products are made in Germany.

Ring (Taiwan) Up Flow's Parent Company. With over 50 years of manufacturing experiences, Ring is the number one brand of general valves in Taiwan.

Showa (Japan) With a long and prestigious history, Showa is one of the most recognizable brands of general valves in Japan.

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