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General Valves

Rinco was created out of customer demand over 10 years ago by users who were looking for a brand that perfectly balances price with quality. Up Flow listened to our customers' needs and came up with the Rinco brand of valves that has proven to be a tremendous success.

Today, Rinco is used in apartments, office buildings and shopping complexes all over Vietnam and in Singapore. Rinco is proof that it is possible to manufacture products at an uncompromisingly high standard while maintaining prices at an attractive point. Rinco valves have been tested and approved by Quatest 3 in Vietnam and PSA in Singapore to meet their stringent requirements.

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Established in 1963 in Hikone, Japan, the Showa brand is famous in Japan and all over Asia for its high quality valves at reasonable prices. Showa is considered one of the top Japanese valves manufacturers in Japan today.

We offer a complete range of cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, brass, stainless steel and cast steel valves for commercial and industrial use. Showa valves are used in hotels, office buildings, processing industries, oil refineries and other important locations where continuous operation is critical and downtimes are unacceptable.

Showa valves conform to international standards and have received the following licenses:
- ISO 9001 Approval No. 138235
- Japan Industry Standard Approval No. 579127
- Japan Water Works Association Approval No. R-31

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Over 50 years ago, the Ring brand was established in Taipei, Taiwan. Using the latest manufacturing technology from Japan, Ring valves became renowned for their high quality and durability. It's possible to find Ring valves made in the 1970s and 80s that are still in use today, a testament to Ring's unfailing dedication to making the best valves possible.

Today, Ring is recognized as a top brand in Taiwan and is used worldwide by those who demand the best out of their equipment. Staying true to its roots, Ring continues to produce valves that are comparable in quality to those manufactured in Japan or the USA.

Ring valves meet ISO 9001 standards and are approved by authorities in Taiwan and Singapore. Our full range, consisting of brass, bronze, cast iron, ductile iron and stainless steel, ensures that we have the right product for just about any commercial application.

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