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Control Valves

Nenutec was originally founded in Nunspeet, The Netherlands, and was later moved to Switzerland to gain the expertise of Swiss Precision for both mechanical and electronic engineering.

With our vast experience of 25 years, we have developed quality products especially damper actuators, characterised ball valve and controllers etc. for the HVAC markets.

As an environmental-friendly organisation, Nenutec strives to bring you energy saving products to reduce carbon footprint of today's intelligent buildings.

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Z-Tide is a pioneer in the field of control valves such as pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, water hammer arrestors, solenoid valves and float valves.

With a full range of control valves for commercial and industrial use, ZT is a brand that's widely used around Asia. ZT's products are highly regarded for their reliability and longevity, and they are used in critical environments where downtime is not an option.

ZT's valves are designed and manufactured in Taiwan according to the latest demands and requirements of the ever-evolving control valves industry.

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Regin offers products and systems for building automation, based on many years' extensive experience of control and supervision, automation and flow control. Commitment, knowledge and simplicity are fundamental concepts in our daily work. We listen, are committed and suggest the best solutions for you.

We focus on developing new products based on the latest technology. Our "Ready-Steady-Go" concept simplifies installation, commissioning and management. We aim to offer you the best possible solutions within building management automation, from individual products that control and supervise every type of application, to fully integrated systems.

Through goal-oriented product development and our service and marketing concept Regin has become a strong partner with a solid reputation. Regin is quickly establishing itself as the new challenger within building management systems.

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